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Aac block machines make a great contribution to environment protection

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During the development of economy, environment protection can not be ignored and Chinese government pay more attenton to protecting environment and ecotope. Since aac block machine was invented, it changed the traditional construction materials and replaced the traditional red brick which was so harmful for farmland and atmosphere. So we said that aac machine made a great contribution to environment protection. The government make efforts in protecting environment by adhering to sustainable development strategy and encourage the development of new construction materials.

In the end of last centry, Chinese real estate gain the fast development and there was a large demand for traditional red brick which caused the demage of farmland, water and soil loss and air pollution. As a country, it need the development of economy. The fast development of construction industry is part of economic prosperity and there is no need to construction industry within limits, so the government facus on solving the construction materials, that is the reason that autoclaved aerated concrete machine was invented. Dongyue group follows the trend of the times and research and develop the aac brick production line, Through the transformation and improvement, the autoclaved aerated concrete block production line has reached the innovative research level. The complete generation of production equipment has been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam, and India. Till now, more than 300 production lines have been put into production in the globe, and they have been recognized and highly praised by the users.7

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