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Honors and qualifications
Donyue Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province. It has a building material machinery technology research and development center and has declared the establishment of a national enterprise technology center. In recent years, the company has cooperated with a number of colleges and universities, hiring experts in the fields of mechanical design, electromechanical automation, etc., to drive the company's technological innovation and talent training. At the same time, actively carry out technical exchanges with German, Japanese and other R&D companies, introduce the latest domestic and foreign scientific research results and advanced management concepts, and develop domestically advanced automatic cutting units, lifting fixed separator and other dedicated production equipment for AAC . The company currently has 11 senior engineers, 43 senior technicians, and more than 160 professional and technical backbones in AAC industry. The annual scientific research investment accounts for more than 4% of sales revenue. Has undertaken the R&D and manufacturing of a number of innovative industry projects such as the National Torch Plan and the National Key New Product Plan, and has accumulated a number of invention patents and utility model patents, and won the Shandong Province Excellent Energy Conservation Achievement Award, Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, and Shandong Province The second batch of manufacturing individual champions, the 2019 service-oriented manufacturing "1+N" demonstration enterprise and other awards, and participated in the preparation of standards such as the "Prefabricated Building ALC Panel Enclosure System".