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Production strength
Sophisticated processing equipment
Dongyue Machinery Co., Ltd. is equipped with large-scale processing equipment such as plasma cutting machine, CNC gantry moving beam boring and milling machine, and heavy-duty wire rail CNC gantry milling machine, thus ensuring the production capacity and parts processing accuracy.

The 10M heavy linear rail CNC gantry milling machine has a load capacity of 33 tons, which is mainly responsible for the processing of large parts of the crane, separator and cutting machine. The equipment has high processing precision, strong cutting ability and fast processing speed, which ensures the quality of the product and improves the manufacturing speed

The 8M moving beam CNC boring and milling machine has strong frame rigidity, symmetrical structure, and strong stability. It mainly processes large equipment components such as crane beams.

The 6M YJM series CNC gantry milling machine has a large processing range, strong processing capacity, fast cutting speed, and a processing accuracy of±0.008mm. It mainly processes the beam components on the fixture.