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Sophisticated processing equipment

      Autoclaves, also known as steam curing vessel, is large container equipment; It mainly provides high temperature and high pressure in chemical reaction environment for autoclaved products, and is widely used for aerated concrete blocks and panel autoclaving. After autoclaving process, silicate products can obtain higher strength and greatly shorten the curing period.

      The equipment is also widely used in building materials industry such as concrete pipe pile, lime sand brick, fly ash brick, calcium silicate board, glass deep processing, chemical industry, medicine, rubber, wood, military industry, etc.

      Normally the diameter of autolclave is 2.0meter, 2.5meter, 2.68meters. 2.8 meters. 3.2meters. Etc.and the length will be from 20m to 42meters long.

      Our company has absorbed the advanced design concept abroad and successfully developed with domestic universities, and has formed a series of products such as manual upper (side) door opening, automatic automatic hydraulic (pneumatic) door opening.