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Autoclave curing procedure is to conduct high-pressure steam curing for aerated concrete block. For aerated concrete, only after a certain temperature and sufficient time of curing, can the green cake complete the necessary physical and chemical changes to produce strength and meet the needs of building construction. This process is usually carried out at above 174.5-180℃. Therefore, autoclaves with good sealing are often used, and saturated steam with a certain pressure will come into the autoclave to steam the blocks so that the green body can fully complete its hydration reaction under high temperature and high humidity conditions to obtain the required new minerals, so that the aerated concrete has a certain strength and other physical and mechanical properties. Autoclave curing process determines the final formation of the internal performance of aerated concrete. The AAC BLOCK autoclaving time will be shorter than alc panel product since the size is smaller. Different material based aac block also will take different time for autoclaving process. Normally fly ash based block will take shorter autoclaving process while sand based block will take longer time for steaming.


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