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The temperature requirements in steam curing of building materials are strict, and the temperature directly affects the product forming time, hardness, porosity, etc. Therefore, it is very important to select a automatic and intelligent autoclave steam curing system with flexible temperature control. The . The autoclave pressure automatic control system is configured to realize the automation of the opening and closing of the autoclave door and the rise and fall of the pressure and temperature in the autoclave, to improve the safety and improve the quality of steam curing products.

Automatic autoclaving system: It has become the standard choice for newly built AAC factories. Dongyue Group's automatic steaming adopts pressure-time control design mode. The autoclave curing process parameters such as vacuuming, heating, constant temperature and pressure decreasing can be set through the computer to get the pressure-time curve during each stage. The system automatically adjusts the valve opening according to the set parameters and the main pressure, realizing completely intelligent and precise control. The automatic control ensures the uniformity of pressure changes at each node, also ensures the stability of each autoclave curing cycle, which greatly improves the production efficiency, and reduces the influence of the autoclave curing control on the product qualification rate.


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