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Dongyue Craft: Remove Steel Bar- Clean and Adjust Position-Dip Wax-Hanging Cage-Dip Anti-Rust material-Drying –Insert Cages

In order to make the anti-corrosion of the steel mesh cage meet the standards of reinforced concrete, the original overall anti-corrosion process:

The steel wire cage adopts the overall anti-corrosion process. After adjusting the size of the steel drill and saddle frame, the assembly frame is lifted by the spreader and the steel drill is immersed in the wax vessel to make the surface of the steel drill covered with industrial wax, and then The welded net cage is hung on the steel brazing drill, and the assembly frame of the hung net cage is immersed in the anti-corrosion paint with a spreader to realize the overall anti-corrosion and ensure that the anti-corrosion liquid is on the surface of the steel bar. At the same time, the industrial wax also prevents corrosion and The liquid sticks to the steel drill and is difficult to clean, and the industrial wax will automatically melt during the resting process.

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