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1. The stirring shaft and the motor are connected by a D-type V belt, with hard nickel alloy stirring blades, and the bearings are high-speed and heavy-duty bearings, which effectively increase the service life and control the temperature rise of the bearing chamber.
2. The motor adopts 90kw switched reluctance motor, special controller, and cross impeller stirring. The motor has the advantages of overload, strong flow capacity and high efficiency. The stirring speed is 0-1480r/min, and the stirring time is less than 3.5min.
3. The slurry in the mixing tank is pressed down by the mixing blade and then swirled to form a continuous closed-loop vortex. The turbulent flow is created by the spoiler, and the mixing effect is more sufficient.
4. The mixer is equipped with manual and automatic steam heating device, which can adjust the steam adding speed and steam pressure. The temperature measurement accuracy is ±1℃, the digital thermometer signal output terminal is connected to the unloading console and the temperature in the tank is intuitively reflected on the display.

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