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The cutting line adopts a three-station distributed cutting method, and each station provides a strong guarantee for the product.
The profile cutting machine is used to cut the side of the cakes. The entire adopts an integrated fixed outer frame. The vertical scraper automatically advances and retracts in different positions under the preset program, which can realize the mixed cutting of blocks and panels. The horizontal cutting machine can cut 50mm ultra-thin panels
The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the side are cut from coarse to fine. First, the bread head is broken by a crushing knife, so that most of the cut waste is formed into small pieces, so that the waste falling in the trench can be washed smoothly To the waste slurry pit.
After the first rough cut, the diagonal-stretched steel wire is used for the second rough cut. In the second rough cut, the pattern is distributed and layered cutting, and multiple steel wires are cut layer by layer.
1. After the rough cutting is completed, three straight scrapers are used to gradually finely cut the blanks. At the same time, two straight scrapers can advance forward to achieve mixed cutting of plates and blocks to ensure their respective sizes.
2. The action method adopts straight forward and straight retreat, which reduces the size of the transition section.
The vertical cutting machine adopts the cake frame lifting pendulum cutting, and the lifting adopts gear and rack synchronization, which avoids the gap dislocation and improves the cutting accuracy; the swing cutting unit is a fixed type to minimize the damage to the cakes; adopts a frame pendulum structure to reduce the probability of wire drift during cutting and reduce wire breakage.

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