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Dongyue Machinery Group Co., Ltd. won the first prize of Linyi Patent Award

Recently, the Linyi Patent Award Review Committee Office announced the items to be awarded the Linyi Patent Award in2022 inaccordance with the relevant provisions of the Linyi Patent Award Measures, including 5 first prizes, 10 second prizes and 40 third prizes.

Among them, Dongyue Machinery Co., Ltd. won the first prize for its invention patent "a steel wire swing energy storage mechanism based on autoclaved block vertical cutting machine", and the third prize for its invention patent "a pre-cutting device based on autoclaved aerated block plate milling".

On the basis of the maturity of the autoclaved aerated concrete block equipment, the company focuses on the mechanical performance and accuracy guarantee of the equipment in the production of aerated plates, and carries out technical upgrades in the aspects of the accuracy and automation of the plate slotting, the stability of the lifting mechanism, the walking of the mobile car, the convenience of the equipment maintenance, and the cutting waste treatment method, which greatly improves the stability and efficiency of the equipment. It also takes the lead in advocating the emancipation of human resources, improving the automation and intelligent management level of the production line, and introducing systems such as automatic rotation and switching of plate cutters, automatic cleaning of steel drills, and automatic adjustment of cutting steel wires in the industry. In addition, the central centralized control and remote operation and maintenance system provide users with a more mature and efficient production management mode.

The company aims to use equipment to serve users' production, and will continue to introduce the old and bring forth the new, continue to invest in technology, and deliver better design, better equipment, more efficient rhythm and more intelligent operation to the gas filling market.