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The first quarter supplier symposium of Dongyue Machinery in 2022 was successfully held

      On April 11, the first quarter supplier symposium of Dongyue Machinery was held on the second floor of the Group, and leaders such as Sun Jingwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Deng Xianglong, Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors, Gong Lianhua, Secretary of the Board of Directors, and Gang Zhifu, General Manager of Pressure Vessels attended the meeting.

      At the symposium, Li Jingfei, Director of the Procurement Management Center, welcomed the participating suppliers and gave a detailed introduction to the company's 2022 procurement calibration method, procurement plan, inventory plan and the company's development plan for the past three years.

      Sun Jingwei, the chairman of the board of directors of the company, said that this meeting was a way to highlight the company's procurement cooperation under the new situation. Through this meeting, we strengthened the cooperation between the company and suppliers, improved the fit between demand and supply, formulated emergency handling and stock up plans under the normal supply plan, and shared Dongyue's next strategic planning and development achievements.

      Finally, Deng Xianglong, the assistant chairman of the company, made a final summary of the meeting. He stressed that honesty, self-discipline, absolute loyalty, going all out and earnestly performing their duties are the mission of each purchaser, adhering to the concept of "sunshine procurement" to form a joint force. In the face of new opportunities and challenges, we should enhance our sense of responsibility and mission, build a positive team, improve procurement efficiency, reduce procurement costs, and help Dongyue flourish with excellent performance through the online procurement platform.