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"Green Horn" Blows the Land of Qilu -- The National Green Building Materials Campaign to the Countryside (Shandong Station) is about to begin

      Green building materials to the countryside activities are booming, marked by the "2022 Green Building Materials to the Countryside Activities Information Release and Online Platform Launching Meeting" held on June 6. Following the launch of the National Green Building Materials to the Countryside Activities Zhejiang Station on June 29, the National Green Building Materials to the Countryside Activities Shandong Station Launching Meeting will be held in Tengzhou, Shandong Province on July 7.

      Under the guidance of the six national departments, China Building Materials Federation, Green Building Materials Product Certification Technical Committee and other units actively contacted the competent departments of pilot areas such as Shandong Province to jointly plan and prepare activities, accelerate the orderly development of various work, and through the joint efforts of the working group and pilot areas, the national green building materials to the countryside activity has achieved good results and social benefits, The development of green and low-carbon building materials products featuring "green, low-carbon, energy saving, emission reduction, health, safety, environmental protection, convenience and recyclability" has been accelerating and is benefiting thousands of households.

      Shandong is a major province in the production and consumption of building materials in China, and Tengzhou is a gathering place for large building materials enterprises. As the second stop of the national pilot area for green building materials to the countryside, it has been highly valued by local government departments and building materials enterprises. Through policy support, standard improvement, sound supervision and other ways, green development and low-carbon transformation are targeted to stimulate social momentum and market vitality, Promote the promotion and application of high-quality green and low-carbon building materials, and meet the needs of urban and rural residents on the function, quality, comfort and other aspects of building materials.

      It is reported that this activity will also invite smart home enterprises to promote green building materials to the countryside, practice the concept of green development with the power of science and technology, promote structural reform on the supply side of building materials through consumption upgrading, and form green and low-carbon consumption awareness and consumption habits at the social level, so as to achieve the green and low-carbon transformation of the entire industrial chain, and help the rural revitalization and construction of beautiful villages.

Source: CBMF Member Services