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The 41st Annual Meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association was successfully concluded

      In the morning of August 17, the industry technology forum continued to open, and Sun Jingwei, chairman of Dongyue Machinery, made a brilliant conclusion. The 9th member congress and 41st annual meeting of China Aerated Concrete Association came to a successful conclusion.

      Sun Jingwei, chairman of Dongyue Machinery, took "analyzing the integrated solution of green AAC plants under the new situation" as the topic, and through the analysis of the carbon emission data of the building materials industry at this stage, proposed that the green development of the aerated concrete industry should closely focus on the three dimensions of lower emissions, higher quality and more intelligent plants, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry and high-quality development. Focusing on the new requirements of the three dimensions, the construction and operation of the aerated concrete plant should focus on the five directions of green energy, low carbon raw materials, energy management, and intelligent manufacturing for quality upgrading, explore solutions, and improve and form an integrated solution.

      The annual meeting was successfully concluded. Dongyue Machinery started from the "heart", worked hard and continued to innovate. Dongyue people adhere to the "craftsmanship, conscientious service and sincere cooperation", deeply cultivate the gas filling industry, promote the dual carbon cause of the gas filling industry, achieve low-carbon gas filling and build a green future.